About Sara

A lifelong resident of Marquette, Sara grew up working for her father as a land surveying assistant, traveling throughout the Upper Peninsula and getting a feel for the unique history each county and community had to offer at a young age. She developed an interest in public administration while learning the statutory requirements necessary to file legal land documents with the Registrar of Deeds Office at both the municipal and county level and naturally began to seek more opportunities to get involved in government. Her most notable experience includes working for the City of Marquette as a Zoning Code Enforcement Official, serving on the City of Marquette Planning Commission (2009-2012), being elected to the City Charter Commission in 2011 and serving as an elected Marquette City Commissioner since 2012.

Sara graduated with a Bachelor in Education degree (2002) and a Masters of Public Administration degree from Northern Michigan University (2011). She was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Award for the MPA Program with her area of concentration being Public Management with a strong emphasis in State and Local Government. She is currently taking classes at Michigan Tech University towards a Ph.D. in Environmental and Energy Policy that focuses on water quality and energy reliability issues surrounding the Great Lakes region. Sara also holds a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University and is currently employed as the Director of Adult and Community Education, Kaufman Auditorium for the Marquette Area Public Schools. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the U.P. with her Golden Retriever, Izzy.

Works for the People

‘I never forget that I live in a house owned by all the American people and that I have been given their trust.’
​- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Community members possess unique knowledge and informed opinions on the social and financial impacts that come from decisions being made by elected officials. The best leaders in government are those who listen to their constituents and work to represent the peoples interests– not their own interests.

Willing to Fight for the U.P.

‘What matters is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight–It's the size of the fight in the dog.’
​- Dwight Eisenhower

Time and time again, I have proven that I am not afraid to ask the tough questions as a Marquette City Commissioner. The new hospital agreement the City of Marquette has entered into is an example of my ability to thoroughly research and question whether or not the public is getting a fair deal at every step along the way. Public services and trust must remain the priority when negotiating tax incentives for economic development.

Understands Leadership, Priorities

‘In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.’
​- Albert Einstein

Leadership requires that one can balance the immediate needs the 109th District has and also look ahead for opportunities during difficult times. Energy independence and job retention and creation are priorities of today and opportunities for tomorrow that must be focused on and moved forward. As other Great Lakes States pass progressive energy and job creation legislation to keep their states ahead of the curve, Michigan must act now in order to stay competitive.  Strong leaders in legislative roles are key to making sure government, industry,  investors and labor come together to form mutually  beneficial agreements.

Believes in Government

‘The attitude that government is always the enemy... forgets that government is us.’
​- Barack Obama

The current Majority in Lansing have forgotten that investing in people is what made Michigan great. Whether it is our skilled labor force in mining, paper mills, the auto industry and manufacturing, or our nurses, teachers, local and regional government agencies, we need to invest in our greatest resource in order to achieve the level of economic prosperity for our Great Lakes state that I and so many others remember growing up in. Now is the time to restore the people's trust in government by putting policies in place that benefit them and the communities they live in, creating more high-paying jobs and investing in our future together.